Safety First!
Safety must be an integral consideration in every aspect of every work activity including planning, equipment, material specifications, procurement, construction and maintenance.

Safety Statement

Vicar Electric Safety Program
Vicar Electric considers safety to be of fundamental importance. Our primary concern is of course the health and safety of employees and others that may come in contact with our operations. Our concern extends to the security of the site owner's production equipment and facilities as well as Vicar Electric Ltd. and sub-contractor's construction equipment.

In order to meet these aims Vicar Electric Ltd. has initiated a comprehensive Industrial Health and Safety Program designed to ensure compliance with government safety regulations. Our intention is to eliminate hazards to personnel, and risk to property and the environment.

Our safety manual includes Prime Contractor responsibilities in the event that Vicar Electric Ltd. is in this role. Vicar Electric Ltd. frequently works as a General Contractor which doesn't require all the duties identified in this manual.