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Pulp and Paper

Fibre Optic Backbone

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Project type: Pulp and Paper
Location: Catalyst Paper Elk Falls Division
General contractor: Vicar Electric Ltd.
Electrical budget: $ 1.3 million
Project contact: Roy McPherson
Date completed: March, 2007


The Fibre Optic Backbone a Elk Falls was designed to give redunantcy on their fibre optic control system, buisness and safety systems. The "fibre ring" as it is called allows communications to be rerouted and keep systems working even in the event of a severed line or fire for example. This ring makes a loop of the mill in a 12" tray c/w 6" sidewalls and carries a minimum of 2 parrallel 48 fibre cables. A central server room was also constructed with all of the old systems transfered here after the fibre ring was completed.

All terminations and cabling were completed by Vicar Electric along with the very extensive tray system. Routing and design of the tray system was the responsibility of the Vicar supervision.

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